Water Softener and Treatment services in Plano, IL.

Plano Softener Services, dba Water Wagon, is a family-owned water softener and treatment business located in Plano, IL. We have been servicing areas including Kendall, Kane, LaSalle and all surrounding Counties for the past 22 years. We specialize in private wells or city water, water softeners and sulfur and iron systems. We have trained professionals ready to service all models of softeners, specialized equipment and drinking units. We have the newest treatment equipment available for your water treatment needs and service all types of water treatment systems. Our services include:

  • Provide parts for maintenance
  • Provide drinking water accessories
  • Purified water bottles in your choice of two, three or five gallons (for pick up only)
  • Res-up, iron out, or pellet
  • Test water and evaluate for equipment needs

Our company values our customer relationship and strongly believe in the importance of great customer service. We also sell water softener salt, resin bed cleaners, replacement cartridges, reverse osmosis membranes, and other parts that are readily available.


  • Service all types of water treatment systems.
  • Test water and evaluate for equipment needs.
  • Provide parts for maintenance.
  • Provide drinking water accessories.
  • Res-up, iron out, or pellets.


“Shortly after moving into our new home, we noticed water coming out of the water softener tank.  Water Wagon came out for a service call only to find out the tank had a crack which had to be replaced.  The tech explained what needed to be done and why.  The unit was ordered and then installed a few days later.  There were no messes to clean up which I appreciated.”
— Lorrie D

“Fantastic service from genuinely friendly people.  On one occasion, they helped me troubleshoot things over the phone to avoid a service call.  I’ll gladly put a business like that at the top of my go-to list.”
— Mark S

“New to the area and I found I was in need of peroxide.  I called and found they carried it, but closed before I could get there.  They explained this want an issue and would stay until I could get there. Way to go above and beyond, will come here now anytime I need something.”
— Jeff F

"Service is our Salesman"

Water Wagon

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